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2014 Liberian Mission Team Report
In January of 2014 Country Bible Church of Wallace, MI (website) sent a team of 5 people to minister to the people of Liberia.  This is the second time CBC sent a team to Liberia.  The purpose of our 2014 trip was to build a closer relationship with LCMI and their ministries as well as ULIC (United Liberian Inland Church) at their church in Monrovia.
Our team consisted of me (Robin Newlin), my wife Jenny, Bobbi Buckley, Renee Haberland and Tessa Rye.  We spent our first week in Monrovia at LCMI church where I was privileged to preach in their Sunday worship service on January 12.  We followed the service with a fellowship dinner (sponsored by CBC) where the 5 of us served the congregation the meal.  This would be our pattern for 3 churches during our visit.  What a special time of fellowship this was.  We sang and praised God together.  We also served this way at ULIC where Titus Namen (a friend of Emmanuel Jonah) is Pastor on Tuesday of the same week.  These two services built up our relationship between CBC and Liberia. 
We then traveled across Liberia to Yekepa in Nimba County to visit the Betty Jonah Orphanage.  We spent a week there with our time split between work in the CBC medical clinic and spending time with the children from the orphanage.  It was so good to reconnect with them (3 of our team had been there the year before) and to build on our relationships.  It was especially good to see the maturity of many of the children growing.  James Dahn, as president of the boys at the orphanage and Princess Topka as the girl’s representative showed God’s love through their testimony.  We stayed through Sunday where we worshipped and had our fellowship dinner at Redeemer Baptist church.  Another great day to worship God as representatives of our diverse world came together with one common Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Meeting with the people of Liberia definitely helps to strengthen our relationship with God.  We also find ourselves loving the Liberian people even more.  We could not ask for any more friendly and accommodating people.  Emmanuel Jonah and his extended family are especially to be commended for the love they show their visitors from the West.  We look forward to future trips to Liberia with new plans and goals as God leads us to do His work.
Robin Newlin
Country Bible Church                                   
  Update for Emmanuel Jonah December 2013
                    The year 2013  has been a great year for our family. Mother Wintee and I are grateful to God for His love, protection, strength, and provisions. We give thanks to God for the ministry He has given us (our family).  This year has been a time of studying the Bible, praying, and attending church together.  It has also been a time to eat, play, and share jokes during our devotions. All these add flavor to the activities in our home.  We all work so hard to keep our little home clean...Thank God for blessing the Jonahs with such a warm family. Our family appreciates your prayers. May God reward you.   
             L-R: Winston, Daniel, Cyrus, Angie, Matthias, and Blessing Mary Jonah say they love you all!
LCMI Church Ministry:
                    LCMI Churches in New Kaymah Town and Chief Compound continue to reach the unsaved for Jesus Christ with discipleship in mind. We are humbled by the increase in membership and the spiritual growth we are seeing in the lives of our members. LCMI Church in New Kaymah Town   also has a ministry that focuses on prayer and visitation to the sick, bereaved families, homes experiencing broken marriages, and the jobless. It is amazing how God is using our visits to draw many to Himself. Again, thank you for praying for our Churches in Paynesville and Bong County.
        Some achievements in 2013:
-       A successful 8 Anniversary Celebration from November 26 - December 1, 2013
-       A successful 3 days revival services
-       3 weddings organized and officiated by LCMI Church in New Kaymah Town
-       8 people were baptized   during the anniversary  celebration
-       Additional 15 chairs  bought for worshippers
-       A jazz drum for the church
-       Funds equivalent to $200.00usd  raised during the celebration to buy a few bags of cement for LCMI School Project
-       Training of church leaders
-       Tremendous growth in our children ministry
-       LCMI Agriculture Project-LCMI Church Gbarnga Property
                    God deserves all the glory!
                    Betty Jonah Orphanage:
                   Thank you for your prayers and financial support towards the Orphanage. We are able to meet the basic needs of kids living in the orphanage, pay our workers, and to take care of some pressing needs because of your willingness to be a blessing through your finances. BJ Orphanage is truly grateful and pray that God will bless your family.
                    LCMI Schools:
                    LCMI runs two schools for the less fortunate children in Camp Four and New Kaymah Town communities.  LCMI Elementary School and Randy Godfrey School continue to impact the future generation of Liberia through their educational programs. With both schools being Christian schools, the Bible is taught without compromise. Many children have accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord in our schools-Something we praise God for. Thanks for praying and please continue to do so for the both schools.    There is an adult literacy school also for all in the community of Camp Four. It is running well a lot of women from the community attending.
                   CBC Medical Clinic:
                  There is a little clinic on the grounds of the orphanage.  This is one of the effective evangelistic arms of the ministry in Camp Four. Sick men, women, and children, hear God’s word as they get treatment at the clinic.  It is a joy to provide health services for people living in surrounding villages. Thank God for our medical team!
                    URGENT PRAYER NEEDS:
-       Pray for wisdom, strength, courage, and good health for Emmanuel. Wintee, Pa Anthony & Ma Betty, and Cooper Goszlay as they stir the affairs of LCMI Ministries in Liberia

                 Yours in Christ,
                    Emmanuel Jonah
                    LCMI Liberia

Update From Emmanuel Jonah LCMI Director in Liberia
                    Betty Jonah Orphanage:
                    The Betty Jonah Orphanage continues to make tremendous difference in the lives of orphans and indigent children. It is a joy to watch these precious little ones learn about Jesus and grow in their walk with Him. Pray that God will continue to keep each child focused on God and to win their peers by the lives they live each day in the community of Camp Four.
                    The orphanage clinic is going well. It provides services for 50 orphans and indigent children, and the Camp Four community, as well as surrounding villages. The clinic stands in need of medications,
                    LCMI Schools:
                    LCMI-Liberia is grateful for the opportunities to impact the lives of many Liberian children through its educational programs. It is a joy to see what Randy Godfrey School is doing in the Camp Four-Yekepa area. The school has the student population of 350 and a teaching staff of 12.
                    Due to limited space, there is an annex project under construction. The completion of this project will enable Randy Godfrey to take in many students.                    
                     LCMI Elementary school is also touching lives in Monrovia. The school has 120 students and a teaching staff of 7.
                      A big thank you to LCMI Sponsors for the level of support over the years. LCMI US has been so faithful in sending funds every month to enable us take care of the Monthly needs.  Thanks for your partnership and we pray that God will reward you.
                    Yours in Christ,
                    Emmanuel Jonah
                    LCMI Liberia
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