Liberia Christian Ministries International - Serving the People of Liberia, West Africa.
Liberia Christian Ministries International was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in May of 2005. A Mission team from Shiloh Baptist Church in Monroe, NC saw the needs of the Children of the Betty Jonah Orphanage. We came home with a burden to make a difference in their lives. Since its inception, LCMI has provided food, clothing and basic needs for the Children of the Betty Jonah Orphanage through the child sponsorship program. LCMI also has a teacher sponsorship program to help provide much needed education for the children of the Betty Jonah Orphanage and children in the Camp 4 community. An Adult Literacy program has also been stated and teacher support is needed for this. Other ministry efforts have also begun, including construction of a new LCMI Church building in Monrovia and school building. A church plant in Gbarnga has been started with land has been purchased for the church. Funds are needed for a building.
Furture plans include Church Planting in rural villages, and expansion of Randy Godfrey School and LCMI School.
All of these projects must have funding to exist.We believe God will provide those people who will partner with us to make a difference in the lives of many people in Liberia.
Would you come along side us and help LCMI to make a difference in the lives of children and adults in Liberia?
The Betty Jonah Orphanage
Anthony & Betty JonahCamp 4/Yekepa, Nimba CountyLiberia, West Africa
The Betty Jonah Orphanage opened in January 2005 in Camp 4, a small village near the town of Yekepa in Nimba County. Rev. Anthony and Betty Jonah, pictured left, started the orphanage to care for orphans, at risk children, and abandoned children as a result of the Civil War in Liberia. The Orphanage is next door to Redeemer Baptist Church where Rev. Jonah has served as Pastor for over 30 years.
Presently, there are 51 children living in the orphanage. Pastor Jonah became a believer through Mt. Nimba Baptist Church in 1968 and has been a consistent, honest, and compassionate presence for Christ in the area for over 30 years. Betty is a vibrant loving wife and mother. She is a wonderful mother to the children of the orphanage.Pastor Emmanuel Jonah, the son of Anthony and Betty Jonah serves as the Liberia Director of the Liberia Christian Ministries International, formed to be a support ministry to the Betty Jonah Orphanage. Emmanuel is responsible for purchasing and transporting supplies from the capital city of Monrovia to the Orphanage located 200 miles away in Nimba County. This is an extremely difficulty task due to the bad road conditions in the interior of the country.
Emmanuel and his wife Wintee have been faithful to provide administrative and logistic support for the orphanage since it began. They are also an active part of the leadership of the LCMI Church in New Kayma Town, which they helped to start. The ministry at the orphanage would not be possible without their dedication.
Most of the children in the orphanage are from nearby villages in Upper Nimba County. They have either lost one or both of their parents in the Liberian Civil War, or have a parent who cannot afford to care for and feed them. There has been no humanitarian aid organizations helping the orphanage which has primarily been surviving on local subsistence farming. There are care givers working with the children at the orphanage by cooking, supervising the kids in the dorms, and helping them with their daily activities. Many of the children came to the orphanage malnourished and unhealthy due to lack of proper nutrition and access to medical care. It has been amazing to see the difference that the orphanage has made in the physical and spiritual well being of the children.
Pastor and Mrs. Jonah have a strong desire to not only provide shelter and physical nourishment for these children, but also to provide them with spiritual guidance, training them to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Our mission through LCMI is to provide financial support to meet the basic needs of this oprhanage home. We provide food, medicine, clothes, and basic necessities for the children. Our goal is to provide these necessities through friends who are willing to sponsor a child. The people of Liberia have experienced tremendous suffering because of the almost constant Civil War and instability from 1989 - 2003. The Civil War left the county with out without electricity and running water.Therefore, the children need someone who will stand in the gap on their behalf. They need the knowledge that someone outside their remote area cares about them and is praying for them. Being a sponsor for a child is wonderfully beneficial and rewarding experience.
As you commit to sponsor a child, you will have opportunities to send them letters and small gifts. Because of the lack of an operating postal system in Liberia, sending mail is not possible, but we try to hand deliver items to the children as volunteers travel to Liberia or with the annual shipment of supplies we send from the United States each fall. We sincerely appreciate any help you can give to these wonderful children who need the basic necessities of life. It is our commitment to be frugal, responsible, and accountable with our dollar given to this cause. We also are committed to giving them life skills, so that they will be ready for the challenges of life. Recent projects at the orphanage include a garden, a rice farm, raising some pigs, and a soap making business.There is a need of financial support for the Children at the Betty Jonah Orphanage in Camp 4/Yekepa, Nimba County.
A $30 per month sponsorship will supply the basic needs of one child. If you are able to give a one time gift to help the kids, that also would be appreciated. If God has blessed you and you wish to give a larger gift to help improve the infrastructure of the orphanage, we would love to discuss ways your gift could be used to make a difference.
Randy Godfrey and Pastor Emmanuel Jonah
The Randy Godfrey Elementary and 
Junior High
The School is located in the village of Camp 4 and was started for the children of the Betty Jonah Orphanage.
The School is open to all of the children of the town of Camp 4 and currently, there are a little over 200 students. Without this school, many of the children would not be receiving a formal education.
There is a new principal at Randy Godfrey this year. The new principal is Reuben Jonah. He is a young and qualified Liberian.
Teachers at Randy Godfrey School receive support monthly of $100.00 if you would like to help support the Teachers please contact LCMI.
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