Emmanuel Jonah, Pastor and National Director
(LCMI) is a ministry led by Emmanuel and Wintee Jonah with the purpose of making a difference in the lives of the people of Liberia, both physically and spiritually.  LCMI was initially formed to oversee the formation of the Betty JonahOrphanage, but now includes a clinic, two schools, several new church starts, and several ministry efforts.


LCMI was formed as a non-profit in the United States to provide financial support for the Betty Jonah Orphanage and to assist in various aspects of the LCMI ministries. The ministry was established by Randy Godfrey and a board of directors who serve as volunteers to facilitate the funding of the orphanage and ministry. 


The Betty Jonah Orphanage is located in a rural village in Northern Liberia (Camp 4, Nimba County) where Betty and Anthony Jonah have served in ministry for over 40 years. The Orphanage was founded in 2005 because of the need to care for children after the civil war ended. More recently, the Orphanage has taken in children who were affected by the recent Ebola Crisis. The orphanage cares for 40-50 children and a small staff of workers who assist Anthony and Betty Jonah providing care. The Orphanage is sponsored solely by the gifts of individuals and churches. All funds given go directly for providing food and basic necessities for the children. The orphanage is a safe, healthy, Christian environment for the children. Emmanuel Jonah provides administrative oversight to the orphanage and brings supplies to the orphanage on a monthly basis from Monrovia.

The orphanage has several agriculture projects in place including a fruits and vegetable garden (okra, cassava, tomatoes, coconuts, pineapple, potato greens, peppers, potato greens, egg plants, bananas, etc). They also have a pig pen with about 10-12 pigs and free range chickens.  Many of the older children also make or sell various items in order to have some personal income.

Randy Godfrey Elementary and Junior High SchoolIMG_1890

After being shut down for about a year due  to the Ebola crisis, the school at the education for the orphanage, but was expanded to include children in the local community. The school currently has about 300 students enrolled. 
One of the most exciting developments of the school is the addition of Emmanuel Luogon as a teacher. Emmanuel was in the first group of children taken in at the orphanage. He completed the 8th grade at the Randy Godfrey School and then attended  high school in Yekepa. After graduation, he took the entrance exam at the African Bible College and was accepted!  In May of 2016, he graduated from the African Bible College and will be teaching at the Randy Godfrey Elementary School this fall.  Emmanuel is an amazing Christian young man and will be a great addition to teachers at the Randy Godfrey School.
There is an opportunity to sponsor a teacher monthly at the school and also a number of needs for the maintenance and the expansion of the school and would welcome donations towards the school. A volunteer mission team recently built and donated new benches and tables for the school and that was a blessing.

LCMI School (New Kaymah Town Community)

The LCMI School in the New Kaymah Town Community of Monrovia has classes from preschool through grade six. Please pray for a great school year.The local LCMI church, led by Pastor Emmanuel Jonah, has taken a step of faith with a school building project. The building is moving along rapidly and they hope to be using it by the next school year in compliance with government facility requirements. Funds are needed to assist in the completion of this project.  


CBC Medical Clinic  

The CBC (Country Bible Church) Medical clinic provides basic healthcare for the children at the orphanage. The clinic also extends its services to include the local community. The clinic is staffed by a nurse and provides basic medicines and lab tests, health counseling, and prayer.  Country Bible Church has been instrumental in providing medical supplies for the clinic. Financial donations to the clinic are used to purchase medicine for the clinic. In a country with a high rate of malaria, the needed medicine can be the difference between life and death, especially with the children. We are seeking individuals or churches who will specifically partner with the clinic to keep the clinic stocked with medicine. 

LCMI Churches

Currently, LCMI has started churches in New Kaymah Town, Gbarnga, and Kakata.  Plans are to plant a new church in Margibi County in the coming year which is a area that is largely unreached with the Gospel.


LCMI has many needs – please contact us if you would like to be involved in sponsoring or participating any of the following projects:

Sponsor a child at the Betty Jonah Orphanage

Sponsor a teacher at the Randy Godfrey School

Support the medical clinic with the purchase of medicines

Purchase a generator for the orphanage

Provide on-going support for a staff member

Provide funds to assist in various building and improvement projects

Purchase Bibles for LCMI Churches ($5 each)

Provide financial donation to keep the LCMI vehicle running


We are grateful for your support of the LCMI ministry in Liberia.  May God bless you as you pray, give, and go.  We would welcome a visit from you to Liberia to see what we are doing and be involved.  For more information, contact:

Emmanuel Jonah

Pastor & National Director

LCMI Liberia


Pastor Emmanuel Jonah

Sister Trecia Godfrey
Dr. Tim Williams



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